The Most Inspiring Graphics Design Trends of 2019

Much like the years gone, 2019 has since inception offered the design world so much fun, inspiration and classical feelings to muse about. Creativity has taken so much new twists that every designers want to produce their daily design solutions with touches of difference and uniqueness in utmost sequences and reigning trends. Design consumers cannot be counted out of this massive development anyway. Their ever-demanding nature and the unquenchable thirst for creativity has been huge driving force for master class of designs among professionals.

The year 2018 for instance produced one of the best design trends in recent times. From activism to augmented reality and all forms of ultraviolet defined designs, it is such a wonderful year, but as always the creative world are always ready for what’s next and here comes some different reality in 2019. The journey has been one of the most creative yet, outclassing the years passed by embracing new design ideas, hence producing the topmost impactful graphic design trends as follows;

3D designs setting the pace

There is an unlimited graphic design creativity with the 3D designs. Call 3D out of this world, then you wouldn’t be wrong. It is a new sheriff that has surfaced after years of fabulously flat designs. I personally love this design because it breathes life into projects and bring professionals ideas closest to reality. I have studied that the almost-stick figure way of illustrating humans in previous flat designs could be produced in 3D forms and be featured in both graphics and avatar or brand mascots. It is no hype but wholesome reality that 3D designs recreate the world around us as creative professionals to construct them in new environments and dimensions for design clients. Best of all, it has expanded into the world of typography in form of new three-dimensional typefaces pops that beatify designs and catch the eye.

Minimal meeting bold color

Each time I consider this design trend inspirationally, it reminds me of that saying that ‘less is more’. Yes, this scope have lived and dominated the industry in recent years but it is definitely a hotter bargain in 2019 still. The height of the design is in its very clean and uncluttered visuals which affords everyone the necessary ease for viewing content on smaller screens including on tablets and smartphones. Project that pop with color are never over as designers can take advantage of the 70’s inspired color palettes but this time in bright colors and scintillating gradients. The color combinations in this trend lend themselves well to smooth awesomely creative fades and duotones. Experiment this on Photoshop and apply duotones effect to enhance an image and it would always be a new choice for you too.

Realism complementing flat design

This is an analogy of a situation where opposites attract to light up the world’s true dimension. Trust me, the blend of flat and real-life object in designs would definitely challenge the way we all see designs. One scintillating thing here is that the chaotic mix of solids will always take on a futuristic feel as they appear 3D. This effects and the overall abstract aesthetic is usually aided with flying and floating elements. Photographer and fashion professionals have stressed how the trend has impacted their outputs while they also expect the trend to expand to mainstream advertising soonest. However it’s a reigning scope among website designers.

Eclectic design

While the pop culture pushes for more authenticity and transparency, designers most definitely have to get real. They must stay on top of their games to appreciate the resulting shift in illustration styles that have so much celebrate the imperfections in art. I am talking about the freestyle doodles, unique brush strokes and organic textures, among others. The designers must accept dynamism as they would be pushed away from their rigid grid based layouts and design orientations to the more asymmetrical approach to create a feeling of raw as well as kinetic movement. Interestingly, the new trend wouldn’t be about producing projects on papers and hard surfaces like it’s done traditionally. Rather, designers’ hand drawn arts can be produced digitally using a scope of software.

Open compositions

This promises to bring an end to framed finishes while opening the all-important doors for free flowing final arts products. They make viewers feel like they are seeing a beautiful piece of bigger picture with elements that fly on and off the page with ease to create glimpse of infinity. The power of this design trend is in the ability to influence audiences’ imagination and spark curiosity in them. The questions ‘what’ and ‘why’ flow at every single sight of the designs, and the concept align just perfectly with 3D. This is because designers usually use 3D to more illusions outside the frame.